Thursday, June 13, 2013

#CM2013: Stolen pictures

Here are some photos from our guests! Enjoy!
(Thank you to our friends who took these and sent them to us!) 
 Took the Trolley back to the Colonnade Club after getting our hair/make-up done

 Trio on the way to the Barn! I was SO NAUSEOUS all day!
 Stunner shades at the barn. Dress is "Escalante" by Watters...I made my own Birdcage Veil
Gold sparkly getaway dress I found at Belk
My girls! They kept me as calm as they could all day. The cans of Sofia definitely helped
Getting primped

Bowser's girlfriends
 BFF Lara and I!
 The barn from upstairs
  Isn't it just MAJESTIC? Swoon. The burlap runners are from Kristen's wedding, and I had C's mother stitch fabric I got in India on the edges
 Our guestbook! Karah and I painted 3 canvases with VA, NC, & SC for guests to sign
 Mom did the lettering because I have HORRENDOUS handwriting
 Gorgeous day! The ceremony was a 200 yard walk from the barn and this was the view
 Don't you LOVE the fabric?
 Yeah. It was gorgeous
The boys & my Granny. They walked in to Can't Help Falling In Love
 The girls walked down to "Ho Hey". Now every time I hear that song I get emotional!!

 Our nephew!! He and Bowser had matching bowties
 This is one of my favorite pictures, all the girls fawning over Bowser! He ran down the aisle as our "best dog"
Handsome hubby! Got the bowties made on Etsy
 Walking down the aisle with my parents. I picked "Here Comes The Sun".  Mother's dress is a Marisa Baratelli. Dad wore a seersucker suit from the Young Men's Shop in Charlottesville. His bowtie was a custom made one from Etsy...Lilly fabric obviously!
 Could barely keep it together
So excited/emotional!
 Moment of silence
 C's sister Florence read the "Apache Blessing"
My Cousin John read "A Lovely Love Story"
We did it!
Woo hoo!
 Our AMAZING Bluegrass band, The Bellevue Rhythmaires, led our guests down to the Cocktail Hour like a 2nd Line
 The parents
 My gorgeous family
 Our ringbearers
 My train was a little dramatic, but it ended up being awesome with the wind! My sister and Karah helped keep it clean
 So excited!
 My co-workers came from Charlotte for the weekend!
My GORGEOUS Italy roommates! I was floored that they all made it from all around: CA, NY, NJ, MN 

I made this weird excited face all day! 
 One of my favorite can see how awesome the barn was
 First dance was "You Are The Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne.

 I think I dipped myself at the end. We didn't practice dancing very much!
 I definitely cried almost the whole time I danced with my Daddy....we danced to "Stand By Me"
 All I remember from my Daddy's toast was him telling us to BE FRUITFUL. He was a hoot!
I loved seeing pictures of our friends enjoying themselves!
 New Sister & Brother In Law!
My aunt
 Scott gave the best toast!
 DONUTS! We did a Donut truck from Carpe Donut instead of cake. It was the best idea ever. Everyone LOVED them!
 Hot donuts & champers
 Last song: Don't Stop Believin'. Definitely yelled/sang the entire song
 Changed into a gold & sparkly dress for our grand sparkler exit! What could be more appropriate than matching the sparklers? DUH

We had the BEST wedding and I can't wait to see our professional pictures!

Mrs. C


Ruth said...

It looks like a beautiful day. CONGRATS!!

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS! Where is that barn?!? and Your dog... I want him!