Monday, June 17, 2013

Normal Weekend

We ended up having an incredible weekend, but we worked HARD! Our house was a disaster all week, so we cleaned Friday, Saturday, & Sunday! We had people over for dinner last night so it was spotless. Hope it stays that way for a bit!

Friday, we met our friend Ryan at Kickstand for dinner. We had wings and good beer, then walked to the Thirsty Beaver for some PBR. Our local dive bar has been in the news because the owner of the property around the bar is fed up with the bar/patrons, so they passively aggressively put up a fence around the bar. There were bras and signs tied to the fence, with the guy's phone number so people can call and "complain" (read: harass).
There was even a news crew that came out. I may have been in the background casually sipping on my tall boy!
 That was fun! We then headed over to our neighbor's house to hang out with their visitors and played a round of Farkle. Big night. I think we were in bed by 11.

On Saturday we went to the farmer's market in the morning. There were a ton of farmer's set up, and we had a hard time picking between each one! Everything looked amazing. We got eggs, a watermelon, tomatoes, peaches & berries. When we got home, I made this amazing berry mascarpone tart. It was easy and tastes incredible!

I then fixed up a batch of Watermelon Mojitos (those + watermelon margaritas are my new obsession!) and we headed over to our friend's pool for the afternoon. We played with her girls in the water forever. They were so cute!
All the puppies loved being outside!
Bowser "loved" being in the pool. I think he is still glaring at me...
It was a perfect afternoon!
We were totally wiped from playing all afternoon, so we picked up ice cream bars (Magnum Double Caramel= best things ever) and Zero Dark Thirty at CVS on the way home and had another big night in. That movie was really good!

Sunday we had a slice of the tart for breakfast and then got to work!
We cleaned, power-washed, and did some much-needed essentials shopping at Target. We worked until about 5 when our friends came over. The weather could not have been more perfect for an alfresco dinner party!

Loved using some of our new decor items! Chargers from Crate & Barrel, mom found the colorful placemats/napkins, monogrammed napkin rings from Pottery Barn, lantern from Ikea
 We had beef & pork bratwursts, with tons of toppings. Kristen brought cilantro lime corn & brownies, Melissa brought Guac & Blondies, and I made homemade Peach Ice Cream for dessert. It was a great night! We ended it with a big round of Cards Against Humanity. Best. Game. Ever.

How was your weekend? Did you stay in town or did you escape?



Leslie said...

You are quite the hostess! I think I'm going to have to try to make that berry tart, because it looks amazing!

Emily {Isnt That Charming} said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! And that tart...SO delicious looking!
Isn’t That Charming.