Monday, July 8, 2013

ATL Birthday weekend

  Last weekend we drove to Atlanta to visit our friends Cam & Kristina who moved there last year. They just bought a house and we were dying to see it! It was such a great weekend.

We left Friday and made sure to stop at Abbott Farms for a peach milkshake. It was the bomb.

We got in at a decent time, and they picked up BBQ for us from a great place called Community Q in their neighborhood.  We grubbed out and then caught up. No photos, sorry!

Saturday we got up and cooked breakfast in, then ventured out around Atlanta. We went to a few antique shops and stopped into Pure Taqueria in the Highlands for a pitcher of margaritas. Hey, it was my birthday weekend after all!
My favorite! Miss you K
 We drove around some more, ogling the houses. It is really fun to drive around in is so big and beautiful!

We then went to a little house-warming party for their friends who just moved out to the suburbs. They have the CUTEST pups! We had fun watching their nieces play in the slip 'n slide

We had reservations at 7:30 at the Spence that night, so we headed back to get ready for a big night out.

We had an incredible meal, sharing each plate. I will share the menus and then tell you what we all got!

Mine: Whatchou Say Vato? Tequila, Heering, Gran Classico, Chartreuse, Lime, Smoke
This was incredible. It was so smoky
His: Algonquin Pop Rye, Grilled Pineapple Syrup, Dry Vermouth, Citric Acid, Soda
His came in that cute bottle! It was delicious

 Fresh rolls with butter, coconut, & sea salt
Oysters & Pearls
The pearls were drops of horseradish. These were insane 
 Bone marrow, tuna tartare, quail eggs
I have never had better marrow. The combination with the tuna and the egg was so rich and amazing. The grilled bread was the perfect touch!
Tempura squash blossoms, scallop & mushrooms w Romesco
These were very delicate. The romesco sauce was a perfect addition
Beef tartare, Harissa, Caraway & fried egg
This was my favorite dish. They went easy on the harissa (north African spice), which gave it a nice spice. The caraway (fennel seed) was presented in the cream blobs on the plate. I poked the egg yolk so it spread over the beef, and smeared it on the toast with a little dab of the cream. It was incredible
 Smoked Beets with fresh ricotta & pineapple
This was a nice break in between the rich dishes. There was also shaved fennel and dill. It was light and refreshing
 Pork Arancini & Srirancha
I love Arancini (fried balls of rice & cheese, from Sicily), so was thrilled to see it came with the in-house Sri-RANCH-a
 Mafaldine Pasta, Tomato, Trotter, Castelluccio Lentils
We loved this salty dish. The pigs feet were braised and shredded to give it a mild meaty flavor, the lentils were very earthy, and the pasta was the perfect shape for everything to cling on to it!
Warm chocolate cake, honey ice cream, almonds
They brought this our for my birthday. It was delicious! 

Pistachio shortcake, strawberries, whipped cream
Very light! Love the combination of the berries & nuts
As you can tell, we had another great meal in Atlanta. The dishes were simple and small enough to get a few bites before the next course came out. We had an amazing time!
Our hosts!
Bathroom shot
 After dinner, we went to our favorite spot: Joe's on Juniper. It is the BEST gay bar. They have a huge patio so we sat outside for a few hours.

This is where Jon Hamm comes into play. As we were sitting, I noticed a group of men standing near the host stand. One had a baseball cap on but looked exactly like Jon Hamm. I was like NO way that is him, why would he be in Atlanta? So I didn't think about it again.

We then took a cab to the Clermont Lounge to round out the night. Kristina started talking to this guy who she met at Joe's, he was really nice, and was like "Going to Clermont? Come with me". I was a litttttle wary of him but thought if he could get us in past the 50 people in line it would be worth a shot. He started talking to the bouncer, but I couldn't hear what he was saying. The bouncer looked mighty skeptical but went inside for a few minutes to check out his story. The bouncer comes back out and let us in. I still had NO idea what the guy said or who he was but I was pleased as punch that we bypassed the line.

We walked in, and we offered to buy him a drink for letting us in. He said he made tons of money and not to worry about it. We insisted and then got to know him a little bit. He ended up being the Executive Producer for a movie being filmed in Atlanta. It is called the Million Dollar Arm, and they just wrapped filming in ATL that week. So the cast/crew apparently started their wrap party at Joe's and then headed to the Clermont. Same with us! Hilarius.

That's when this guy told us that Jon Hamm was sitting at the bar right behind us, because he is starring in the film. Cue minor freak out.

I went to the ATM, since it was an all-cash bar, and come back to where Connor & Kristina were standing, and JON HAMM was standing with them! Talking with our new Producer friend. It was amazing. So we just shoot the shit with JON HAMMMMM. Literally, he was just hanging out with us.

I was a little tongue-tied but managed to get out a CHEERS!, to which he responds with his raspy voice. I mentioned he sounds like he's losing his voice and he kind of laughed and said it happens. I then said it was my birthday and he said Happy Birthday. It was amazing. Then two guys were like Hey Jon Hamm, loooove your work. And then he left because he didn't want to get called out. But he's Jon Hamm!

Anyways, we chatted with this producer for a while. He was literally the nicest guy ever. He was like Jon Hamm is just a regular guy, he's nice but your husband is WAY cooler. It was hilarious.We also definitely saw other people in the movie: Aasif Mandvi & Madhur Mittal. It was a wild night to say the least.

The next morning, we got brunch at this fabulous rooftop  restaurant called The Warren. It was a perfectly mild & sunny day, so we enjoyed sitting outside.
 I ordered a Beermosa (Hoegaarden, Gran Marnier, OJ). It was strong and delicious
 I got the crabcakes benedict with sweet potato tots. The eggs were perfectly cooked. YUM
 Then Kristina and I popped into a really cute dog store and got Bowser some birthday treats. I rescued him on my birthday 2 years ago when he was 2, and since we don't know when his exact birthday is, we just picked his rescue day. It is fun sharing a bday with my pup!

 I got him his favorite rope toy, and a little peanut butter bite. I got their dogs, Bear & Miles, a squirrel and a dino. They devoured their treats!
 We then packed up and headed home! Here is our happy birthday pup!
He was making this hilarious face, I have no idea why! I think his lip got stuck behind his teeth. They are so jankity

Snuggling with his new panda! Yes, we did put it there just for a photo...
 It was another successful weekend in Atlanta! We have the best time whenever we go.

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Life with Elizabeth said...

All this food looks absolutely delicious! And peach milkshakes are the best! Glad you had a great trip and birthday!

Ally {Life as I know it} said...

Everything at that Spence restaurant looks amazing!! SO jealous you met Jon Hamm! I love me some Don Draper!!