Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#CM2013 {first look}

In case you missed last week's post, here are photos of us getting ready!
Once I put my dress and accessories on, it was time to go see my groom! I walked with Jodi up a little hill to a grove of trees where Connor and Kurt were waiting. I was so nervous but Jodi helped calm my nerves. As soon as I saw Connor, I immediately felt relief! It was finally happening.
I'm so glad we did a "First Look". I originally was firm in my traditional belief that he would not see me until I was walking down the aisle, but it saved us a lot of time! We were able to take lots of portraits beforehand, so we got to enjoy about 20 minutes of our cocktail hour. Definitely worth it!

Next up:  Ceremony photos!
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Leslie said...

Those pictures are amazing! Your dress and bouquet were beautiful, and I love his bow tie!

DeAnna Stephens said...

Gorgeous! We did a first look too.

megan (girl by the lake) said...

Absolutely gorgeous Mariel! I can't get over how perfect these pictures look + how much your hard work on all the wedding details paid off. I cannot wait to see more pictures of the ceremony/reception. !!!!!!!!!!!

FrancesLila said...

Adore your bouquet M!