Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY & a tour: My vanity

I had a pretty productive day on Friday. We get "early release" in the summers, when the students aren't here, so I get to leave at noon on Fridays.
I had lots of errands to run, so I started out in South End. I decided to grab my favorite sandwich at Common Market, a Tuna Melt on 9 Grain, and a root beer to wash it all down. It was funny, I almost grabbed a real beer, since I didn't have to work anymore and there were other people having one. But I knew I had stuff to get done so I didn't want to immediately become lazy and unmotivated.
After my yummy lunch, I walked over to Modern Fabrics to browse. I knew I wanted to recover the bench I use at my vanity, and Modern is the best place in town to get discounted designer fabrics. They have a great website where you can order online, and they'll ship it to you if you're not in town!
I picked out a yummy cream cheetah print, which I think goes nicely with our deep red oriental and dark wood furniture. What do you think? So gorgeous.
I have used them before for 2 other projects, and they were all so helpful each time! I recovered a bench from my grandparent's house, and I also recovered my dining room chairs, again from my grandparent's. When I was recalling my past fabric purchases to the guy, he ended up giving me a discount because I am a loyal customer. Isn't that awesome? This place is the best, I tell ya!
So I went home, and gathered my supplies. For some reason, I didn't finish the 8th dining room chair, I think because I ran out of staples, so I got out that last piece of fabric and finished that before doing the vanity. My tools were: Phillips Head screwdriver, Flat Head Screw Driver (to get out old tacks/staples), Scissors, Staple Gun, Measuring Tape   
  Before: Stained cream velvet on chair {Probably 40+ years old! But the chairs themselves are GORGEOUS, right?}  + Stained pink fabric from Connor's grandmother's vanity bench

Of course I neglected to take an "after" for the chair. But here's the vanity! Much improved.
And because you're so fabulous, I decided to give you a little tour of where I get ready in the mornings...
I think it looks perfect in the space!
Here is the vanity in all its glory. I LOVE it! It is big enough for me to lay out all of my sparklies. I keep sunglasses in the top left skinny drawer, jewelry boxes on the left side, and my makeup in the right drawers. Luckily this thing has a lot of storage, so I can keep it relatively uncluttered.
I used old small bowls and the like for my rings and studs, and a big silver tray to catch those plus some bracelets
An old white platter holds my lippy, the polish I use most often, and my perfumes
Our ring box that I painted for our wedding holds my nicest rings & earrings. Plus a locket with pictures of my Papa and my Great-Grandfather's monogrammed tie pin. Also, the tag for my bouquet. I'm quite sentimental {read: hoarder}
I use this jewelry stand I got at Ikea last year {but can't find a link online, sorry!} and I mainly use it to hang my big earrings. Also pictured is my bobby pin holder, which was on my grandfather's desk and has his name etched on it. I also framed the card Connor gave me on our wedding day, which says "I like the way you're put together".
  What does your dressing area look like? Do you keep everything out of sight? Or do you like to see your "investments", like Carrie Bradshaw?

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megan (girl by the lake) said...

Love it all! So cute. You're definitely braver than I am in terms of recovering furniture. I once made a headboard, and the upholstery literally took my Dad and me HOURS. Maybe it's because we're perfectionists/mabye it's because we had no idea what we were doing. In the end, the headboard turned out great, but the stress was unbelievable!

Laura Darling said...

I LOVE the cheetah print fabric! It looks great!

DeAnna Stephens said...

You're awesome! I had our dining room chairs recovered years ago. I thought I was going to do it myself but chickened out. I was afriad they would look DIY. Your bench looks amazing!

Nicole {Appalachian Charm} said...

Just found your blog, i'm also an NC blogger! You did a great job on that seat. I am going to attempt to re-cover a chair but I have a feeling my dad will be helping me ha! Love all your vintage jewelry, I collect it also and have it displayed on an old antique dress favorites are the cameos!