Wednesday, July 3, 2013

From Miss to Mrs....Changing your name!

  When we got back from our honeymoon, I decided to just get the name-change process done as quickly as possible. Here are my thoughts and experiences, overall it was pretty painless!

1. Social media profiles

This was the most fun thing to do, since Facebook is obviously the MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER. I updated all of my profiles pretty much within a few days of becoming a Mrs. Quick & Painless.
Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google 

2. Social security card

(All information here)
This is the first step you need to take before doing anything else. Go to your local social security office, and bring the following:
  • Proof of US Citizenship, Age, & Identity
(I brought my Passport and Driver's license, they only asked for my License)
  • Proof of Marriage
(Certified copy of Marriage License. Here is where you can obtain it)
(They will give you one if you forget it at work like I did, you will have plenty of time to fill it in when you wait in line)

They mailed mine within the week (I went on Monday and got it Saturday). I also didn't have to pay anything, so that was nice.
TOTAL SS OFFICE TIME (Charlotte office): 1 hour

With your new Social Security Card, you are ready to move on!

3. Driver's License

(Live in NC? DMV info here)
I did this step as soon as I got my new SS card. Make sure to check with your local DMV for documents you will need for a DUPLICATE LICENSE. North Carolina needed:
  • Old Driver's License
  • New Social Security Card
  • Proof of Marriage
  • $10 Cash or LOCAL check
Now here are the mistakes I made in this process...I slept in! Honestly, I set my alarm for pretty early to get to the DMV about 30 minutes before they opened. I didn't get there until 8:00 AM when they opened, and they already had a pretty long line that wrapped around:
They also only took 4 at a time, so it took about 20-25 minutes of waiting in that line to actually get a number. Then the guard who I checked in with said CASH OR LOCAL CHECK ONLY, and I didn't have either with me. She didn't say whether I had enough time to run to an ATM, but she said it was OK. So I left and was back within 30 minutes.....and then waited for 1.5 hours for my number to get called.


 Also, don't forget your marriage license at home! Whoopsies. By the time they finally called my number, I talked to the actually very nice DMV person, and she was like Where is your marriage license? I said it was at home, and the guard never mentioned that I needed it, which is why I didn't run home before they called my number. She said for me to go home and get it, and that I could skip the line and go right to her when I had it. She was so nice about my idiocy.

Fast forward to 45 minutes later, I have the correct documents and I handed over $10. She told me I was getting my picture taken (yay, glad I did my hair that morning!) and they would mail it to me within 8-10 days. I got it 8 days later.

TOTAL DMV TIME(Albemarle Road Office): 3 hours because I'm an idiot, but would have taken 2 hours

4. Banking information

With your shiny new driver's license, it is time to alert your banks! I tried to change it online at Wells Fargo, but couldn't find anywhere to do that so I emailed them. Their response:
"To change your name on your account(s), please take your updated photo ID and your marriage certificate into
your nearest Wells Fargo banking location so that your signature card can be updated."
Total Wells Fargo time:20 minutes to speak with a banker (NOT TELLER)

5. Credit Cards

I have a credit card through Capital One, so I looked online through my account and found that I had to call them to get it changed. It took a few verification steps but it took less than 5 minutes to get it set up. It was so quick, that it instantly updated online and I was able to order a new card with my own picture! (I obviously picked one of Bowser because I'm crazy)
Total Capital One time: 5 minutes

6. Payroll

I connected with HR and filled in the NC-4 and W-2 forms to update my tax and payroll information. They needed my updated Social Security Card and new signature.
Total HR time: 5 minutes to fill in new forms....and they got it all by the next pay period

7. Passport

(Here is all the info)
My passport expires in 2019 combined with the fact that we're not traveling internationally anytime soon, I'm in no rush to change it. Since it was issued more than 1 year ago, there is the $110 passport renewal fee (WHAT?). It's going to have to wait.

8. Voter registration

(Live in NC? Voter info here)
It is easy to change your voter registration, just look online, fill in the form, and mail it into your local board of elections.

  9. Vehicle Title

(Live in NC? Title info here)
I decided to wait on this. I am not really worried about this aspect. Once I go to sell my car, I might have to but for now it's not a huge deal.

10. Health insurance

This obviously all depends on where you get it. Mine is through my work so that is all changed.

Other places not to forget!

  • Business cards
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Insurance cards (auto, home etc)
  •  Gym Membership
I hope this helps!

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Shannon Hodges said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe your DMV experience! In SC, I only needed to take the letter that I received from the SS office to the DMV as proof that I had applied for my new card. This letter from the SS Office, my marriage license, my debit card (SC takes cards), and my old license were all I needed! I went straight to the DMV from the SS Office and straight from the DMV to the bank!

Leslie said...

Changing your name is such a pain. I delayed officially changing mine, and then by the time I go around to it, I was ready to put up with all the bureaucracy!