Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on Friday!

:: ONE ::

 My Best Friend's birthday weekend!

I'm driving to Charleston after work today to spend the weekend with Lara for her birthday! We have spent at least 4 of our birthdays together since becoming BFF's, and who am I to break tradition? We will be heading to the Art Walk tonight and will cocktail hop the rest of the night. Saturday, we'll hopefully go to the beach if the weather's nice, and then who knows? With this girl, we always have a fabulous time get into trouble. I can't wait!
21st Birthday at Squeeze (RIP)
23rd Birthday at the RTC
24th Birthday at Social

 :: TWO ::

My new car!

If you follow my Instagram, you may have seen that I have been browsing cars this week. Well, I BOUGHT one yesterday! I went after work to Scott Clark Toyota, brought in all of my research and they actually had the car in stock that I was hoping for! It was perfect. It took about 4 hours, but I traded in Bianca (my Saab) for Veronica! She is a beautiful white Prius V, which is like a bigger Prius. She is quite practical, has tons of room, and has so many cool features. It has a backup camera, the Toyota Entune service (Pandora, Bing, OpenTable, etc), Sirius XM, Navigation, and Bluetooth so my phone is hooked up to it. It is awesome!
28 miles on it! Not 127,000!!

:: THREE ::

Kenny Chesney

Connor and I went to the No Shoes Nation Tour last night, and we had a blast! We got there later than we wanted, because I was at the dealer all afternoon, but we ended up randomly finding my friend Mary and her group. He played alll the old songs that we knew. I thought he was way better than Tim...he was much more relaxed and wasn't such a robot. It was so fun!
Tailgating essentials: Bojangles & Corona
How awesome was this sky?

Check out this cowboy!
 The concert was packed! I'm sure it was sold out. We had a blast!

:: FOUR ::

Finishing projects

It's no secret that I can start a project and then not finish it until months later (i.e. the dining room chairs!), so it was nice that I had time to paint our front porch! It is a concrete slab, and has been painted a myriad of colors over the years. When we moved in, it was in pretty bad shape. We power-washed it and then I painted it after work on Tuesday. It is SO much better now!

:: FIVE ::

Nutella Poptarts

Can I get an AMEN? I live right by Sunflour Baking Company, and when I have a late night, am running late, and don't have time to make coffee, I pop in for a large Counter Culture and something tasty. This morning, I picked up a Nutella Poptart. Yes, made from scratch EVERY DAY. They have the BEST pastries! Make sure you stop by the next time you're in Elizabeth!

Happy Friday!


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April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Oh my goodness, so many awesome things here. First things first, you are blowing my mind with the Nutella poptart. Also, LOVE that new car! I've never been brave enough for a white car but they are so classy! And have a BLAST in Charleston, heaven on earth.

Ally {Life as I know it} said...

Nutella poptart yumm!! I like your new car! I love that you chose white too. To me white is so clean and sleek looking. My next car will definitely be white! Have a fun time in Charleston!

yuyu907 said...

Again - welcome to the Prius family :D I didn't get the V, I don't actually remember which one I have.... LOL
And I totally LOVE Sunflour Baking Company - their French Press is delicious!!