Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A week at home

Sorry for the radio silence last week, y'all. I needed to be home with my family and generally be unplugged. It was a nice break from work/Charlotte but it was extremely exhausting and emotionally draining. I worked remotely from my dad's hospital room most of the week, took walks around the UVA campus to give my mind a break, and of course ate a ton of yummy food. Someone's gotta do it, right?

 On Monday, I packed up my car and Bowser and headed north. I made it about an hour before I started noticing how itchy I felt. I am at the tail-end of my Immunotherapy (allergy shots), and had a shot right before I left. I started swelling up and realized I was suffering from a systemic reaction. I pulled over to take Benadryl (keep it in my purse) and get hydrocortisone cream.

Now remember, I had Bowser in the car with me. I was also an hour outside of town. I called my allergist and they said to go to the closest ER. I panicked, but realized I was 1 exit from an Urgent Care. I went straight there, kept my car running for poor Bowser, and was seen immediately (even though there was a 2 hour wait). They were kind of freaked out and just sat me down for 45 minutes to monitor my breathing, heart rate, etc. The Benadryl started working and my hives went down. Thank goodness because they released me.

I drove to a hotel that allowed dogs and settled down for the evening. Luckily, Connor found me one that was within walking distance to a Mexican restaurant. I ordered a margarita (no driving, remember) and vegetarian enchiladas. I was home by 8, and crashed around 9.
 Tuesday I woke up early after good night's sleep and got back in the car. Bowser kept me company for the drive and then I was in Charlottesville. Thank goodness.

I went to the hospital as soon as I dropped Bowser and my stuff off, and stayed the afternoon. My family (mom, sister, aunts) and I took turns that week, so we were all able to keep him company and take breaks.

I did a lot of puppy snuggling:
And yes, Bowser is in a baby sling. He loved it.
 Here is a little sample of hospital food. It might look appetizing, but the smell and texture was off for every meal. Poor dad only ate a few bites here and there. Oxycontin is a hell of a drug...
On Wednesday, I met my girlfriends + sister at Blue Mountain Brewery for dinner. That whole week had absolutely perfect weather. It was even a little chilly!
 My besties kept me sane that week
 As did this amazing pizza: bratwurst, apple, onion, balsamic glaze
 We stayed until it was dark, watching the sky turn pink
 It is so charming!
 Luckily, Connor had already planned to be in Charlottesville that week. He was chosen to interview W&L and UVA law students for summer internships. They put us up at the Boar's Head Inn for 2 nights. It was LUXURIOUS.

On Thursday, Connor and I went to Bang!, a little asian tapas place downtown. I'm going to be honest, this place hasn't really changed in the 10+ years they've been open. It's all SSDD for me now. I used to love it, but all of the flavors are really repetitive.

Since I was with a group who had no idea that I blog, I only managed to snap one picture. The calimari on the asian salad, and the haricot verts "fries". Both were yummy!
 Friday was another day spent in the hospital. That night, I went with my aunt and 2 BFFs to dinner at Continental Divide. It is one of my favorite places in Charlottesville, maybe having to do with their killer margaritas. I got the Santa Fe enchiladas. They were also killer.
 We then went over to our friends house. They live in the CUTEST house in Belmont, on my favorite street no less. Their cat turned 1 and they threw quite a bash in her honor.

We had an EPIC dance party. It was so fun!
I don't even know
Obligatory selfie
Saturday was when my Dad was discharged from the hospital. Yay. Good riddance!
He is in really good care right now, receiving round-the-clock treatments and physical therapy. He is totally wiped out! He is continuing to get better each day.

On Sunday, Connor and I met my sister and bro-in-law at Brookville for brunch. It was phenomenal! They source almost everything on their menu from within 100 miles. I think the only thing I noticed was the butter and shrimp. I mean, even the mayo is close! Duke's HQ is based in Richmond, which I didn't realize until then!
 They brought us cornbread for the table with our French Press coffee
 Connor ordered the SEC {Surry Sausage, fried egg, Appalachian cheese}
 How about that #moneyshot?
 Brandon got the Grits 'n Eggs {Creamy grits, slow cooked eggs, smoked Piedmont cheese, scallion oil}
Doran got the BFP {Big Effin Pancake with bacon bits in it. It was ENORMOUS}
I got the Fried Chicken Leg Sammy {with fried egg, tomato, frisee and HOMEMADE RANCH}
 This place stole my heart. I can't wait to go back for dinner!

After a huge meal, we said bye to Dad and hit the road! Luckily, we will be back in about a month for a football game. Oh Charlottesville, I can't quit you.

For a very stressful week, we somehow managed to have fun. Thank you family + friends for lifting our spirits!
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Lara said...

The signs keep leading me to Richmond... Duke's HQ?!?!?! Awesome!

megan (girl by the lake) said...

Looks like you had some much needed downtime! Glad you were able to rest (and eat all that amazing food). Also glad to hear your father is doing well. Sending good vibes and well wishes your way!

Leslie said...

The food looks amazing, and I love that your friends had a bday party for their cat. The dance party looks epic.

I hope your dad continues to keep getting stronger each day.

YUMMommy said...

Glad your dad was able to be released from the hospital. It's always draining and emotional when our loved ones are ill or hurt and have to be in there for prolonged periods of time. Looks like your friends did a great job of helping you to stay sane though. After all that's what they are for right? Visiting via The Charlotte Social.

Yuyu907 said...

I absolutely need to go eat brunch at that place now...the pancake...can't take my eyes off it!

DeAnna Stephens said...

I hope your Dad is doing well. I'll say prayers for him. All that food looks amazing.
One of Brad's fraternity brothers owns, Fry's Spring Station. Ever been there?