Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Avalon, NJ Wedding Weekend {chelsea + scott tie the knot}

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Connor's best man, Scott, and his new bride Chelsea. They had a perfect wedding weekend in Avalon, NJ.

Connor and I flew up to BWI on Thursday evening, and only managed to get in an hour and a half late. There was apparently a bad storm in Baltimore late afternoon, where the Air Traffic Control tower was struck by lightning along with the guy in the tower.So the entire eastern corridor was delayed. Great.

We drove about 45 minutes outside of Baltimore, and crashed at a random hotel that night. No biggie, we got to Avalon around 11 on Friday. The weather was gorgeous by that time....it was in the 70's and was so sunny. We met the groom at his condo, and we grabbed sandwiches then headed to the beach
The boys had fun frolicking
They had to be ready by 5 for the rehearsal, so Connor and I headed back to the hotel late-afternoon. We checked into the Windrift Hotel, where the reception was being held the next night. Loved our welcome bag!
I got ready for dinner, and met Connor's parents in the lobby where we rode together to dinner
Scott's parents hosted as incredible dinner at the Diving Horse. We had a hard time finding it, because that is the only sign {below}
They had the whole restaurant reserved for us that evening, so we started with cocktails + nibbles on the side patio. It was a perfect evening.
We sat down for quite a feast. For starters: Crab wedge with spicy thousand island dressing and bacon
I chose the short ribs over potato puree and roasted veggies for my entree. Everything tasted incredible, thanks to what was probably an insane amount of butter
And for dessert....a homemade Kit Kat. Yes. It was outta this world, and I need to recreate it!
There were many wonderful speeches by the groomsmen, and a special rap put together by the bridesmaids, and we all had an incredible night celebrating the soon-to-be married couple.

After dinner, Scott took his boys outside to give them their gifts (Vineyard Vines bowtie, & a monogrammed duffel). One of the groomsmen brought these awesome hats that were supposed to make it to the Bachelor party in Miami, but they didn't get there in time. Needless to say, these were a hit all weekend.
We had a pretty late night at a bar across the street...all of our friends got to town that day so they met us after dinner. It was quite a rager!

Saturday morning, Connor, groomsman Chris {we shared a room with him} and I walked to breakfast in Stone Harbor. It was about a mile each way, and was a great way to walk off any lingering hangover {or so we hoped}.

On the way, right when we turned onto the quaint main strip of shops + restaurants in Stone Harbor, we smelled something magical: sugar! A little bakery, the Bread & Cheese Cupboard, was pumping out the wonderful smell of fresh baked sticky buns. We had to stop and investigate
 So I tried to get us a pecan sticky bun to share, but they sold them in "slabs" only {i.e. 6 of them!}. I knew we weren't going to be able to kill more than one that moment, and didn't want to be tempted later, so we got tempting option #2: Donut Bread Pudding. Y'all. I can't even.
We pretty much killed it within 3 minutes. It was warm and sugary, and just what we needed as an appetizer to breakfast. I mean....you only live once? {YOLO}
We then walked to Uncle Bill's Pancake House, and waited for a bit. This place was hoppin'! I knew I needed potatoes and eggs, and they totally delivered. Served with a side of corned beef hash, my childhood favorite.
We walked to a little convenience store to load up on coconut water, gatorade, etc, and headed back to the hotel. We rested for a bit then the boys met up with the groom and I headed out to the shops. All of the summer clothes in every store was 50% off, so it was fun to browse. I tried some stuff on, but ended up only getting earrings from the Preppy Palm {the best store I saw in Avalon}.

I met Connor's parents again in the lobby, and they drove us to the ceremony. It was just breathtakingly blue out
The Catholic Church was really cute and old school. It was a beautiful ceremony
We headed back to the hotel, while Connor stayed with the boys to get photos taken. Luckily, he knew I wanted more pictures so he snapped some of these behind-the-scenes pictures!
I met our friends in the hotel bar, and we decided to sit outside by the pool until cocktail hour. It was so great catching up with people we haven't seen in a few years!
We then went upstairs for cocktail hour, and had spectacular views of the beach. Seriously, the Jersey Shore blew my mind. It was incredibly gorgeous
It was so great seeing Connor's parents! Doesn't my hubby look handsome in his bowtie?
I snapped this right before we went inside for dinner
 They had an awesome top 40 band that played all of the hits...but a groomsmen had the honor of playing their first dance. He played a Wade Bowen song, and it was perfect
 We shared a table with some old friends, and had a big time!
 We also were right next to the bride + groom, so it was fun chatting with them during dinner
 Seriously, it was quite a party after dinner! The band was awesome, and everyone had a ball!
The next thing we knew, it was time to go to sleep and return to reality. They are off to Hawaii right now, and they have earned a vacation!

Connor and I took turns driving back to Baltimore, and were home to our Bubba by 4.

It was an incredible weekend celebrating Scott & Chelsea!



thelittleblossom said...

i've just recently started following your blog, but you guys have been all over the place! The wedding looked beautiful and I love your dress! -Taylor

Leslie said...

What an amazing weekend! That doughnut bread pudding sounds absolutely phenomenal. I love the hats; you can tell how much everyone enjoyed being together. :)

Dee Stephens said...

Fun weekend! We never get invited to weddings anymore :( We're too old :( HAAAA

Molly Kubiak said...

So my family used to spend two weeks a year in Avalon/Stone Harbor, and I recognize like all of these places. The Bread and Cheese Cupboard is my jam, and the Windrift is where we would always go to drink and get away from our parents. My cousin even worked at the Diving Horse one summer. Crazy.