Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to normal: 5 Friday Faves

Back at it for today's Friday Faves with my Charlotte girls A. Liz & Carolina Charm!
Please. You know I'm in it for the food. And I get in free this year with my work ID! Whoop whoop! If you live in Charlotte, this is such a fun thing to visit. They have wonderful artisans, stands, and a whole cultural exhibit. It is really interesting, and it gets packed. Don't forget, dogs aren't allowed!

The students are back!
Our students return next week and I cannot wait to see them. It is so quiet here over the summer, so they bring a breath of life back on campus. Fall is usually when I cannot keep up with work, blogging and a social life all at once, so bear with me if I'm a little spotty in blogging!
Meeting smitten kitchen at Babbo
I must have a gift for seeing/meeting celebs. In the airport last week, I saw Deacon from Nashville before our flight to NYC. That was pretty cool, but then I had the greatest pleasure of meeting/talking with Deb from smitten kitchen after her meal at Babbo. I recognized her and said I was a huge fan, and I was so excited to eat at Babbo and then kinda froze. She was totally awesomely normal about my fan-girl moment and recommended me some pasta dishes. Thanks Deb!!
Upcoming weddings
We are so excited to attend to MORE weddings this year! We have a wedding next weekend in Avalon, NJ {Connor's Best Man}and then another one in Charleston at the Legare Waring House in October. Weddings are quite possibly my favorite types of events to attend, especially after ours! It really is fun to be a guest and take it all in. They're both going to be so beautiful! And I obviously have my dresses picked out already.
Bowser's mouth
Did y'all know that Bowser had NINE teeth pulled last week? I brought him in for a routine teeth-cleaning and they called to tell me that his mouth was so bad they had to take 9 out, and will have to take 3 more in 6 months. Poor baby! They said they weren't able to tell what kind of shape his teeth were in until they did an x-ray and then saw how bad they were. My poor bubba. Anyways, he's on soft food for another week and then he'll be all healed. This boy heals quick! He was back at it the very next day, full of energy and wanting to play. I'm hoping that he will want to chew, play tug, and eat his dry food more now, since I bet they hurt him before, and that's the reason why he never wanted to!

That's it for now, I hope y'all have a great weekend!
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Leslie said...

Poor little Bowser! I hope he feels better soon. Have a lovely weekend!

Stephanie Cirilli said...

My little pup had 8 pulled a couple of months ago and was a whole new dog after! She was so happy and playful that I started to feel absolutely awful about how she must have been feeling before they got pulled. She was back to her hard food after 2 days so I'm sure your Bowser will be back to normal in no time!!

Courtney B said...

I just cut a guy's hair who is from Charlotte! He said it was SO hard to move away! I would love to visit someday! And I'd definitely go to this Greek festival. Sounds like it will be amazing!
Poor Bowser!! Hope he feels better asap!

Jenny {} said...

My dogs had teeth pulled this year too! Made me so sad. I hope your pup feels better soon.

Stephanie @ Tailgatequeen said...

The Legare Waring House is a beautiful venue! You'll love it!

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