Tuesday, September 3, 2013

#CM2013 {wedding party}

  In case you missed it, here are the other posts on our May 25th nuptials!


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Family Formals 

After we had our Family portraits taken, we walked 200 yards from the top of the hill to the Barn area. My girls helped with my train...I love this picture!
We stopped along the way for some shots with the huge hay bales. It was hysterical watching the boys try to get up there! They were about 5 feet high 
The boys loved playing
Then we meandered to a beautiful grove of trees right by the cocktail area for some posed shots. I loved how gorgeous they all looked! The different blazers/khakis and dresses all looked awesome and totally natural together.
Laughing together. It is definitely kind of an awkward thing to try to look like you're laughing at first, but then you start actually laughing and they turn out well. My sister's face is classic.
I love this one
And the laughing/walking is also kind of hilarious. I think Scott (best man) walked on my train the whole time. It happens :)
I mean, they are just all so pretty/handsome, right??
My girls. More laughing. Love it.
This is one of my favorites, the trees and the light are so pretty!
And we had the most amazing bouquets. Thank you to Sugar Magnolias!!
AHHHH I love how all of their dresses all looked so amazing together! It was definitely a huge risk but it turned out exactly how I envisioned.
And now the dudes. Hello handsome.
Connor looked so dapper

The boys loved playing in the fields. I'm impressed in Jodi & Kurt's ability to wrangle them for this photo. Love it
I'm glad we got one-on-one portraits with each of them. Such keepers!
And one last one! Love my girls. Don't you love their Kendra Scott earrings? I wanted to give them something to tie in their look.
That's it for now, more to come later this week!

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Your wedding was beautiful! Your dress looked so good on you!!