Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NYC {Day 1}

{We packed a lot in over our trip to NYC, so I split it into 2 posts!}
Over this Labor Day weekend, Connor and I headed up to NYC. We were invited to a wedding on Saturday evening, so we planned our activities around that. We flew in Saturday morning around 10 and were at his sister's apartment by 11. We hung out for a bit talking about where we wanted to start our day, and decided upon Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was located on the water in a big parking lot, and had tons of different food tents set up. We were overwhelmed by the choices! Also, check out the view!
Do we get fried chicken at 11:30 AM?
 Or how about a slice of pie from Butter & Scotch?
 Oh wait, Lobster sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to get. Let's share a roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound!
 Yeah. Money $hot
We devoured that in about 1 minute. It was perfectly sweet lobster, very light on the seasoning and mayo. I was in heaven.
Connor's sister ordered a grilled cheese from Milk Truck. They have mac & cheese and milkshakes as well. YUM
While we waited on her sandwich, Connor waited in line at Mighty Quinn's, a BBQ place. 
 We ordered a Brisket sandwich to share
 I love how charred the outside was, and how juicy it was inside
 We got ours with all the fixins: slaw, chilis, pickles
 That thing was delicious.
 We also needed to wash it down with a beer. Because it's vacation. Why not?
We then walked around to digest and take in the other tents. There were a few vendors that had produce, and these dried chilis stole my heart
 The chocolates from John & Kira's were so colorful, I had to snap a pic
 Charming bread stand. Would love to get a bike like that!
 And then we walked past the line for Ramen Burger. It is the newest craze in NYC, surpassing even the Cronut. Basically it is a burger topped with homemade ramen sauce and ramen "buns". It looked gross, and not worth the HOUR PLUS wait.
Line & Camera crews
Did I mention the views? It was spectacular to see the city from this angle
 To round out our experience, we stopped at Dough for {you guessed it} a DONUT.
These were soft and fluffy, and the icing had melted a little in the sun so they were actually perfect.
 Connor and I split a single origin cold brew from Blue Bottle. It was delicious
We wandered around Williamsburg a bit more and stopped by the McCarren Park Greenmarket. The last season's tomatoes looked so tempting!
 And check out these gorgeous root vegetables. Loved all of the colors!
 I loved that there was still dirt on them. Real food.
We then took the L back the city and walked around. I loved how we saw both the Chrysler building and the Empire State building from just casually walking. Such beautiful architecture!
We headed back to the apartment and got ready for the wedding. I thought Connor looked quite dashing in his tux!
We took a cab to the church, and a couple of blurry selfies
 The ceremony was at a really gorgeous Catholic church where the bride was baptized
We took a shuttle over to the Pierre hotel for the cocktail hour & reception. Swanky is a good word to describe the location.
We started with cocktails and snacks in the Cotillion room. I wanted to photograph ALL OF THE THINGS but felt like such a country bumpkin every time I whipped out my camera. Like LOOK AT THAT! A BAR!
I sipped champers and enjoyed the fabulous spread of food they had: Lobster, shrimp, raw oysters & clams, stone crab claws at the seafood station
Duck steamed buns and shumai
And the pièce de résistance: a caviar & vodka station
It was truly exquisite. We mingled for about an hour and then were told to move rooms for dinner & dancing by a guy in a tux who played some instrument that was a fancy version of a dinner bell. And then we walked in:
I mean, COME ON Y'ALL! Isn't that STUNNING? There were trees created from Birch and orchid stems, with tons of candles hanging down. Breathtaking
The band welcomed the wedding party and then it was time for the couple's first dance
She looked stunning in her long-sleeved lace gown
The dance floor opened for a little bit, and Connor and I boogied down. Then things got a little blurry in my memory. There were toasts
And there were lots of Michael Jackson songs
And there was incredible food and then 5 courses of dessert: cake, macarons, profiteroles, cotton candy, and mini gelato cones! I was in hog heaven
  We danced in between courses and after everything was consumed we rolled home in a cab. We had been up since 5:00 AM from our early flight that day, and were exhausted. We heard rumors there would be an after party with cheeseburgers, onion rings, etc. after but we are old and needed to sleep. It was the best wedding we have ever been to! So fun!

I will fill y'all in later this week on our second day in NYC, which included eating our way through Chinatown and seeing one of my best friends.

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Wow! Look at all that yummy food! I'm so jealous right now! ANd the wedding looks AMAZING! I love me some wedding posts! :)