Monday, September 30, 2013

Oktoberfest & Deck project

  I am so sore today. We worked on our deck most of the weekend, and though it feels good {mentally} for it to be almost done, it does not feel good physically!
Before I get too deep into how to sand & stain your deck, here's a look at what we got into this weekend!
 Like I mentioned on Friday, Connor and I bought tickets to Charlotte's Oktoberfest at the NC Music Factory. We had a great time, once we got there!

It took us 30 minutes to drive to the Music Factory, which is normally a sub-10 minute drive. Traffic. Grr.
 We parked in a field by the Music Factory, then waited another 30 minutes to get inside! It was crazy!
It was a gorgeous day, and we stayed for about an hour and a half

There were about 350 beers to sample (I maybe tasted 10?) and tons of great breweries represented from all over, including some home brewers. They also had food tents, a band, and entertainment. These guys created the logo out of sand!
We even spotted Starr Hill there, from my hometown. I was sad that they didn't send any local people to staff was just the event staff pouring.
We had a big day, and I was glad to leave when we did because I got a little silly!
The great thing about the whole day-drinking at a festival thing is that we had a big dinner (wings at Kickstand) and went to bed early that night!

The next day, we finished our deck....something that has been hanging over our head for a while now!
The process has been a long one:
  1.  {Early September} Connor washed down the deck
  2. He used these {horrible} Behr products, to no avail (Deck Stripper & Deck Cleaner)
  3. We then decided to use our power washer (birthday gift from me!) on "strip". This process took us all day, and we switched every 30 minutes to not get burned out.
  4. We let the boards dry for a few weeks, and then purchased 2 gallons of Behr deck stain in Redwood to match what was already there.
5. {Saturday morning & Sunday} Connor got this Makita Random Orbit Sander and a pack of sanding discs for us to use. I really liked this sander, as it fit my hand perfectly. As you can see, it was a lot of work. We sanded all of the boards, which took us about 5 hours
Luckily, I had a LOT of help! {not}
Snuggle breaks were necessary
I felt pretty good looking at the before & after!
6. Then we went over each board with a tack cloth, from Home Depot, to pick up all of the dust. This process took about 25 minutes.
7. Finally, it was time to stain. We decided to use a deck pad to apply the stain, and a 3" paintbrush to back brush it as the stain recommended. We took turns with the pad and brush, as to not wear ourselves out. We did one coat in about an hour and a half and let it dry/had lunch for an hour before we started on the 2nd coat. The first picture below is after 1 coat. It was already looking great!
 And after the 2nd!
What do y'all think?  
We then cleaned up, relaxed, and had our Sunday tradition of "spicy Asian soup" (this week, we returned to Pho Hoa for Pho and Bubble Tea....yummmmm)
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Annie said...

It looks really good! Your hard work paid off!

We love going out to dinner on Sunday nights too. It just seems like a fun way to start the week!

Jaclyn @ Love And Bellinis said...

Oh my gosh that picture of your doggy sprawled out is adorable. The deck turned out great, nice job!