Thursday, October 31, 2013

Holiday cards....check!

I had a bee in my bonnet yesterday, when I decided it was time right now to design our Holiday cards. I have never used a printing service before, and found a site called UPrinting that was easy to work with. I was worried I'd have to order something like 250, but they allowed as little as 25 copies! I was impressed.

I played around in Pic Monkey yesterday and ended up with this. What do y'all think? I really wanted to have something on the back, so I played around with a few different things to add and came up with putting down the fun stuff we've done this year. We sure have been busy!

I also ordered envelopes yesterday, from my favorite paper place, Paper and More. This is where I got the paper and envelopes for our DIY wedding invitations, and I was very happy with the service.

I ended up getting the silver metallic envelopes, because I liked how it went along with the black + white.

I also ordered really pretty Poinsettia stamps. Don't you love??
I think it's all going to look so nice together! This is the first year I've officially sent out cards, so I'm obviously really excited. I have always loved the look of the cards on Minted, but at over $1.20/card, without stamps & envelopes, I figured I'd try my hand at making my own.

Cards @100 : $33.07
Envelopes @100: $27.97
Stamps @100: $46.00
Subtotal: $107.04 or $1.07 per card

What have you all used to order cards? Do you have any good printing sites that you use?


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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend away in DC

Connor and I spent another weekend away, this time in DC visiting our friends who just had babies. We had a great time!
We left work a little early to fly out, because we knew Friday after 5 flights start getting delayed. We enjoyed a little happy hour on the the form of a $7 Bud Heavy and some Pringles. Rip off.
 Charlie picked us up with Baby Charlie, and I got to sit in the back and meet him. He's too darling!
We all enjoyed snuggling with him. He's just the cutest, most laid back baby!
 We headed to a new restaurant in their area for dinner: Open Road Grill & Icehouse. It was pretty crowded already, I think due to having a huge bar with lots of beer on draft. We ordered 3 apps and each split an entree.

Cobb salad wraps, Calimari, & hot wings. Delicious!
 Connor and I split the CBLT with sweet potato fries. Delicious
 C+C got the burger. We all really enjoyed our meal! Baby C snoozed the whole time, which was amazing. He's so laid back!
On Saturday morning, we took Baby Charlie to the Mosaic District. This shopping center has lots of great boutiques and restaurants. We enjoyed strolling around, but it was so cold!

We obviously had to get a coffee at Dolcezza, because they do pour over with Stumptown. Mmmmmm
 We then headed to Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast. This was my first time visiting a LPQ, and I hope it's not my last. It was awesome!

I ordered a Turmeric Chai Latte to start. They asked me if I wanted a cup or a bowl....this is the cup size!
Connor and I ordered the Smoked Salmon breakfast (which came with a perfectly soft boiled egg) and a pain au chocolat. Both were delicious! 
So colorful!

We then walked around a bit more, and headed back to their house. Later on, Connor and I drove to our friend Chris' house to meet their new baby girl. She was born last week, so she was itty bitty! We took his 2 1/2 year old son to lunch with us at a fabulous Persian restaurant, Amoo's. I have never had the opportunity to eat Persian, so I really enjoyed it!

Sauteed Eggplant dip, topped with marinated onions and Persian Herbs
 Gheymeh Bademjan (top)
Sauteed yellow split peas, beef chunks, onions and spices, in a hearty tomato sauce containing whole fried Persian eggplant

Fesenjoon (middle)
Chicken breast filet marinated in a tangy pomegranate sauce mixed with walnuts in a cinnamon truffle oil

Bakhtiari Kabob (top right)
Saffron butter marinated free range beef tenderloin kabob, covered with New Zealand free range spiced ground lamb

Baghali Polo with Mahicheh (not pictured)
Lima bean and dill rice served with lamb shank
 It was quite a feast, and we enjoyed sampling a little bit of everything. 
 We brought the leftovers back to his house and said goodbye to his family. We headed back to C+C's, and went back to Mosaic. We stopped at a few boutiques before heading to the Red Apron butcher shop. We decided to have a German feast for dinner, so we picked up some Knockwurst and Kielbasa for dinner. We headed next door to MOM's Organic Market for the rest of the ingredients. 

We made Pretzels to snack on
We simmered the sausages in beer before grilling them to finish
 And we made Spaetzele, sauerkraut with apples, and a warm potato salad with bacon. It was all delicious!
To wrap up the night, we played too many rounds of Heads Up. It was so fun!

We got up a little later the next morning, since we stayed up so late the night before, and had to hit the road. We had such a great weekend seeing our friends and their new additions!

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Friday, October 25, 2013

5 on Friday

Happy Friday, y'all! I am back in Charlotte, back in the saddle, back to it...etc. Last week and this week have been crazy but I think my Dad is on the mend. Thank you for your thoughts & prayers!

I am happy to get back to some normalcy. So 5 on Friday it is! I love playing along with AprilDarciNatasha, and Christina!

 A weekend in DC
We are flying to DC to spend the weekend with this adorable family! We can't wait to meet cSv and give him lots of kisses and snuggles. Connor and I started dating right around the time that Charlie & Christina started dating, so we have loved celebrating all the milestones with them. We can't wait to see y'all!

 Jamie Dornan as Christian Gray
I was happy to hear that Jamie was cast as Charlie Hunnam's replacement in the upcoming 50 Shades movies. Yes, I have read the books, and no, I'm not sorry about it. I loved Jamie in The Fall with Gillian Anderson, which you should go watch now. It's on Netflix.

 Our 2nd annual Friendsgiving party
We have sent the invites out, and I'm pinning like a mad woman to get ideas of what to make. We had a blast last year, and can't wait to host our friends again. We are hoping to have some out of towners join us as well!
 My new monogram
I ordered this adorable tortoise monogrammed necklace from the Plaid Barn a few weeks ago, and I couldn't wait to put it on! I have worn it every day since. Isn't it cute?
All hail smitten kitchen
I made Deb's Apple Cider + Sea Salt Caramels on Wednesday, and they are probably the best thing that's ever come out of my kitchen. I picked up a gallon of real cider from a little roadside stand called the Apple Shed in Nelson County, VA just for this recipe. It was practice for the holidays, and now I know what everyone's getting in their stockings!

That's it for this week! I hope y'all have a great weekend!


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Monday, October 21, 2013

Bear with me...

Hey y'all.

I've been in Charlottesville for a week with my dad as he is back in the hospital. I will get back to posting as soon as he's on the mend. Please keep our family in your thoughts & prayers.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

#CM2013 {reception pt. 2}

Just 2 more posts on our wedding!
Here are some reception photos for your enjoyment.

Our guests raved about the food we served by A Pimento Catering. Lots of local ingredients!
My sister and her hubby, they recently celebrated 2 years of marriage!
Near the end of dinner, it was time for the toasts. My sister went first with a very sweet toast, telling us we were each other's Lobsters because they mate for life. It was perfect.
And then Lara, my BFF and maid of honor came on. She was so nervous, but did such a beautiful job! I think the first thing she said was that this was her worst nightmare, getting up in front of all those people. She was incredible, and her toast was so perfectly her. THANK YOU!
Her typical face. My favorite look from her
I of course was a little nervous giving my best friend and partner in crime the mic. I didn't know what she was going to say!!
I think here she mentioned that Connor was the only guy "man enough" to deal with me. So true!
....And then it was time for Scott's speech.
When he whipped out his iPhone and sat in a chair, we knew something was coming. I got nervous!
This is Connor's apprehensive face. Scott gave the best speech I've ever heard, but I'm definitely biased.
LOVE this photo. Cracking up the girls!
He really gave such a performance.

After the toasts, it was donut cake time! I thought Carpe Donut did a great job with the "cake". The DJ played "Home" by Phillip Phillips. It was hard picking a song for eating food which is so random, but it was upbeat and fun so it worked well.
It was much easier breaking into a donut than having to cut into something. Less pressure! We were both nice to each other and didn't smash anything.
Awkward toast time. We should have practiced.
After the donut cutting, we had a little surprise up our sleeves. My parents were about to celebrate their 40th anniversary 2 weeks after our wedding, and Connor's parents 43rd anniversary was the same weekend so we thought we'd play a song for just them to dance to. Neither couple remembered their first dance song, so we picked one for them: "Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. They were totally surprised, and it was such a nice moment for them to spend time with their spouse, which must be difficult at your child's wedding!

 After the dance, the Donut truck opened and our DJ turned on the high energy dance set!

  More later!

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