Tuesday, October 15, 2013


On Saturday, Connor and I drove to Asheville for the day. We were planning on spending the morning/afternoon there then heading to the Apple Orchard, but we ended up having so much fun in our favorite NC city that we didn't want to leave!
Our neighbor happened to be participating in a Cross Fit competition, so we popped by there first. He is a badass.

We then needed to get some lunch, so we looked on Yelp at what was near by. We were close to Asheville's River Arts District, which is a part of town that we had not visited before. We chose the White Duck Taco Shop for some grub. It was a little hard to find, because they don't have a real sign. It's in a cool old warehouse building called the Hatchery. The only indication that it was a restaurant was the Open sign.
There was a line, but it moved pretty quickly. Luckily they have a huge board that makes it easy to read the menu once you're in the door.
 It probably has about 30 seats inside, and has a great patio outside among a few galleries.
I ordered us 3 tacos to split, as well as queso and 2 margaritas.

This was the Duck Mole taco with cranberry relish. It was sweet and delicious
 The one on the left is the Bangkok Shrimp with pickled veggies on top, and on the right is the Korean Beef Bulgogi with Kimchi. They were both excellent.
After lunch, we walked around and looked through a few different galleries. They were all dog-friendly, and Bowser got lots of attention, which he loved.

It was such a gorgeous day out! This was right by the Taco shop
 NC pottery is incredible. This was one artist's studio. You can see the kiln in the background
 I loved this warehouse. There were about 15 different little studios
 I talked with the artists at Broken Road. One painting reminded me of a Robert Lange, and the artist nearby said he loved Robert's work and we got to talking. Small world!
 This was the artist's latest painting. Isn't it incredible??
 Hello gorgeous skies!
We then headed into downtown Asheville to stroll around. It was packed! I guess everyone was in town for the holiday weekend.

We got a little thirsty, so checked out Wedge Brewery, which happened to be back in the River Arts District. It was a perfect afternoon to sit outside and taste good beer. They also have a great big patio
It was also a perfect time for portraits with Bowser

(yes, I wore my dog sweater and got some funny looks. Whatever. Proud of being this pup's mama!)

I hope you get a chance to visit Asheville....it is a fun town with lots going on!

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Alexandra Moor said...

Jim and I are headed for a long weekend vacation to Asheville this weekend and I cannot WAIT! I've never been besides a brief stop at the Biltmore when I was younger. This post made me even more excited!!

Anonymous said...

I loved our visit to Asheville. I'm hoping to get in another visit soon!

Dee Stephens said...

stop it with the picture of the pooch in glasses!! haaa

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

the Wedge is my favorite place in Asheville. We got every single time I go up there, which is often. I need to check out that taco place though. Looks amazing. I am going up on Friday so will be sure to check it out.

elise @ cheers yall said...

I love Asheville!! glad yall stayed the day. it's the perfect season for a big dose of asheville! :)

Alexa said...

I'm such a shameful North Carolinian - I've still never been to Asheville besides just driving through! But all of your great spots are convincing me that I need to start planning our trip! :)

Jaclyn @ Love And Bellinis said...

I swear your weekends are always SO much more exciting than mine, I live vicariously through you with these posts!

Tracy Lyons said...

Love your sweater!! I have the bird one and love it - wish I could wear it everyday!