Wednesday, October 9, 2013

#CM2013 {portraits}

 I have only 3 more posts on our wedding to share. In case you've missed any, you can click on the Wedding tab at the top for links to previous posts.
These are a mix of portraits, taken before the Reception and during the "Golden Hour" (right after the first dances). Enjoy!
Our family. Bowser was a little vulnerable at this point in the day. He was on people overload!
Giving kisses

I kind of love how Bowser is looking off in the distance. Werk!
Our baby

Isn't his bowtie the cutest? Custom from Divine Domestication on Etsy
Just a little close-up of my bouquet. Wasn't it GORGEOUS?
We then walked through the gorgeous field for some more portraits. It reminded me of our engagement photos
One of my favorites!
AHHH. I love this!
Then a little action in front of the barn. My favorite. This is one that I made into a canvas
This was right after the speeches/dance. We walked to the back of the barn area for the sunset. It was so perfect

More soon!
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Alexa said...

I cannot get over Bowser - what a little pup model! ;) WERK is right!
The barn pictures are absolutely beautiful and I can just picture how perfect that one is as a canvas!

Dee Stephens said...

I love that you had your dog there. I would have loved it but it just wouldn't work and he's so furry I would have had beagle hair all over my dress! HAAA!! I answered your question on email, but again, since I'm private now I don't show up in feeds. You have to physically check my blog. :(

Jaclyn @ Love And Bellinis said...

I wish I had my doggy at my wedding! Your pictures are so gorgeous

Elise @ cheers yall said...

!!!!!! the kissy pictures with bowser are absolutely melting my heart! sooooo precious!!!!

all of the pics are stunning! love love love!


Samantha said...

Oh my gosh, you look so beautiful! I LOVE the field photos and your flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Congrats again! xo

Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh.... DYING over these pictures! They are stunning! And what a perfect little family, gorgeous!

Elizabeth Thomas said...

A bit of a personal question for you. I bought this dress for my wedding in April 2014 and was wondering what you did for the bra situation? Did you have one sewn into the gown or did you wear one? Help!

Mariel C. said...

Hi Elizabeth! I can't reply to your comment via e-mail....I think you have to change the setting under your Blogger profile.

Anyways, congrats! I bet you're so excited for April to get here! The dress was SO comfortable...I didn't end up wearing anything under, as the cups and the alterations kept everything in place. Best of luck!