Thursday, October 17, 2013

#CM2013 {reception pt. 2}

Just 2 more posts on our wedding!
Here are some reception photos for your enjoyment.

Our guests raved about the food we served by A Pimento Catering. Lots of local ingredients!
My sister and her hubby, they recently celebrated 2 years of marriage!
Near the end of dinner, it was time for the toasts. My sister went first with a very sweet toast, telling us we were each other's Lobsters because they mate for life. It was perfect.
And then Lara, my BFF and maid of honor came on. She was so nervous, but did such a beautiful job! I think the first thing she said was that this was her worst nightmare, getting up in front of all those people. She was incredible, and her toast was so perfectly her. THANK YOU!
Her typical face. My favorite look from her
I of course was a little nervous giving my best friend and partner in crime the mic. I didn't know what she was going to say!!
I think here she mentioned that Connor was the only guy "man enough" to deal with me. So true!
....And then it was time for Scott's speech.
When he whipped out his iPhone and sat in a chair, we knew something was coming. I got nervous!
This is Connor's apprehensive face. Scott gave the best speech I've ever heard, but I'm definitely biased.
LOVE this photo. Cracking up the girls!
He really gave such a performance.

After the toasts, it was donut cake time! I thought Carpe Donut did a great job with the "cake". The DJ played "Home" by Phillip Phillips. It was hard picking a song for eating food which is so random, but it was upbeat and fun so it worked well.
It was much easier breaking into a donut than having to cut into something. Less pressure! We were both nice to each other and didn't smash anything.
Awkward toast time. We should have practiced.
After the donut cutting, we had a little surprise up our sleeves. My parents were about to celebrate their 40th anniversary 2 weeks after our wedding, and Connor's parents 43rd anniversary was the same weekend so we thought we'd play a song for just them to dance to. Neither couple remembered their first dance song, so we picked one for them: "Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. They were totally surprised, and it was such a nice moment for them to spend time with their spouse, which must be difficult at your child's wedding!

 After the dance, the Donut truck opened and our DJ turned on the high energy dance set!

  More later!

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Taylor Rae said...

I love that y'all played a song for both your parents to dance to! Such a sweet idea! Also love the donuts!!

Dee Stephens said...

Yay for donuts! So original!