Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday 5

Linking up again this week with AprilDarciNatasha, and Christina!

Boston Terrier loungewear from Target this week!
Bowser loves my new PJ's

Minty Mallows from Trader Joe's.
They have the best candies! I also love their sea salt caramels and peppermint Joe's

Bowser as a reindeer
Also from Target. He loved it!
Saying goodbye to one of my co-workers
We threw her a little going away party yesterday, and though it is going to be very hard to say bye, I'm happy that she's still in Charlotte, and near my neighborhood!
Friendsgiving 2.0
30 people are coming to our house on Saturday, and I could not be more excited! Last year we had about 20, and that seemed like a lot. We are going to have to get creative with the seating arrangements!
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Jessi Otey said...

ok ok the pic of you and pup in those PJs is perfection! AND marshmallows just happen to be my weakness so thanks for sharing!! Enjoy your weekend!

Lacey Jo said...

I've been hearing about Friendsgiving all around the blog world. Something I need to do next year when we have our house built.

Ally {Life as I know it} said...

My good friend has a boston terrier too and would love all that cute stuff! I'll have to tell her! Friendsgiving sounds like so much fun!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Bowser and that PJ pic = priceless! Oh my word that is cute x 1000!

I can't wait to see how Friendsgiving goes ... thirty people to host is a LOT! Is it potluck?

Leslie said...

Wow! That's incredible that you can fit everyone in your home. Enjoy your friends Thanksgiving celebration!

A Carolina Mrs. said...

I love those PJs. I would love some Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pajamas to match Riley!

Oh my goodness! Those minty mallows look incredible. I will have to try them!

The Mama Duck Blog said...

I love the idea of a're so brave to host 30 friends!!!