Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend in pictures

For not having any plans, we had a pretty full weekend!
Friday, we had plans to see Ender's Game at Phillips Place. We both read and loved the book, so were looking forward to the movie. Our usual dinner-before-movie is going to Thai Orchid from some spicy Thai food. It did not disappoint. The movie was also really good!
We stopped by Whole Foods after the movie to each pick out a big beer to enjoy that night. We watched NBC's The Blacklist before we went to bed. We really enjoy that show!
I also took my new earrings for a spin...thanks to Beth for sending me the link! (Alas! They're out of stock online)
Saturday was Connor's turn to cook breakfast (he does Saturday, I do Sunday), so he went all out: jalapeno & bacon omelettes OVER Trader Joe's hashbrown. YUM.
 We then headed over to the RK Motor Classic Car Auction at the Convention Center in Uptown. It was so fun to see all the gorgeous cars!

See the screen on the left? Yeah, that car ended up going for $1.5 million. That was a great auction to see!
 A gorgeous 1995 Mercedes Lotec went up for sale for $3.5 million to a guy in the United Arab Emirates. COOL!
 We walked over to Queen City Q after that for some grub. It was so nice out, so we enjoyed sitting on their patio. Veggie plate for me!
 We headed with our neighbors, Kristen & Bryan, to the breweries with our pups. The pups had so much fun!
 I love that NoDa and Bird Song let you bring your puppies inside.
Here's Kristen with their puppy Tucker. He gets bigger each time we see him!!
Connor and I then went to a 30th Tailgate-themed birthday party for a friend, and I totally didn't take any pictures. They had Sauceman's BBQ cater, and it was delicious! Have you ever had a Sugar Biscuit? YUMMM
On Sunday, my day to "cook" breakfast turned into a trip to Bojangle's. What? There's just some days when your body needs Bo Rounds & a cajun Chicken biscuit.
I rallied enough to take holiday card photos of Kristen & Bryan. She's not revealing the final pictures, so I'll show you a few of Bowser that I took. He's such a ham.
Best buds
Ho, ho, ho, bitches
We had the best time! Taking a posed picture of people + puppies is really challenging, but fun! I think some of them turned out great.
Connor and I spent the evening watching Breaking Bad and relaxing. It was a great way to end the weekend.
How was y'alls weekend? 
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Anonymous said...

We had fun this weekend!Thanks for the awesome pictures!!!

Dee Stephens said...

Super cute pictures of the puppies! We did a whole lot of nothing over the weekend except have a few friends over on Saturday.

Yuyu C said...

I definitely will have to check out the Thai restaurant. mmmm now I'm hungry!