Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend in pictures


Art gallery opening at Twenty Two, dinner at Dish

Chicken & Dumplings with fixins & PBR
 Meatloaf sliders


Bowser enjoyed coffee in bed with his new mug
 Connor worked on the deck while I got the grocery list for Friendsgiving 2.0 together. Lord help me.
 And because I'm crazy, it's all sitting out perfectly organized on my counter. Lord help Connor.
 While I was at the store, my gold piggy bookends came! I had to majorly pare down my growing cookbook collection so they looked right. Adorbs, right??
We took a break from working to check out the newest brewery in town: Unknown Brewing Co. They had a big opening party on Saturday, and we went on the early side to check it out. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same plan as us and we waited in line for everything....ID check, beer, getting inside, beer...
 They have great branding, and did a good job marketing the event
 The actually brewery itself was gorgeous and clean. Check out that Bronco!
 On our way home, we stopped at Midwood Smokehouse for some grub. We split the special for the day: chopped brisket in a tri-pepper sauce and amazing sides. We definitely did some damage to it!
 We had a WILD night after that....our holiday cards came in the mail so I printed the envelopes while Connor sealed them. Thank goodness they're done!

The envelopes were about 3.5x5, just bigger than the cards themselves. I used a font from my favorite, Kimberly Geswein, I think it is Janda Stylish Script. She also had a Chrismas Icons, so that's where I found that cute swirly tree
 I got this return stamp last year from the Plaid Barn. I wish I had something a little more festive!
Sunday, my day to cook breakfast, I decided to make Challah French Toast. One of my students brought me a loaf from her class on Friday! Yay awesome bread.
 It was epic. And easy! Thanks to Mark Bittman
 We got back to work. Connor finished sanding and staining the deck while I tackled the bane of my existence: our office/2nd guestroom. I swear I clean that thing out every few months and it's just a major junk collector. Purging is GOOD!

All of a sudden, Connor noticed a bunch of leaves falling in our front yard. Like way more than normal. So he looked outside and saw big branches in our driveway (an inch from my car!) and an 8'+ branch dangling in a dogwood. Our neighbor has a huge oak tree that has to be well over 100' tall, and some of the top branches break off and fall into our yard. 2 years ago, one huge one fell right on my car and majorly damaged every single panel.

So I got right into my car to get away from the branch, and Connor pulled it down. It was really scary! 
 But the fun doesn't end there, folks! While making Apple Cider Caramels for Friendsgiving 2.0 next weekend, I realized I didn't have heavy cream.
 So I ran to the store to grab it, and when I came back...
 DISASTER! I had left the pan of apple cider on the stove while I left. I came back and the whole house was smoky. I grabbed the pan and knew I had to bring it outside to cool. SCARY!

I have tried a few different things, and am hoping that the baking powder overnight will do the trick. We'll see!
 But don't worry friends, because I had another perfectly good pan to make the caramels in! Yay. So we have caramels for our guests!
This weekend went by way too quickly, as I could probably use another entire day to finish cleaning and getting my $h!t together.

Hope y'all enjoyed your weekends!

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Yuyu907 said...

I really wanted to go to the brewery with yall! Ended up watching A&M BTHO Mississippi State. Hope I get to hang out with ya sometime soonish?