Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blogger spotlight: new reads!

I have been meaning to share some blogs with y'all that I started following recently. I actually know all 4 of the girls (one from college, two I work with, and my neighbor) and think you should check out their blogs!

1. Taylor with Taylored & Turquoise

Taylor and I were sorority sisters at the College of Charleston, and we have recently reconnected through blogging. She is super crafty and has done a lot of really great DIY posts. My favorite? She turned simple doors into a gorgeous entryway for her wedding, and then repurposed them at home! Check it out here.

2. Kristen with Home Sweet Life

Kristen is an amazing friend and also happens to be my neighbor! We met when we both moved to Charlotte a few years ago through our mutual friends (she went to college with my high school friends), and have been close ever since. We both share a love of crafting, cooking, and planning events! She is an amazing baker, and is super creative. My favorite DIY she tackled: She refinished an old dresser from her family, and I think it turned out so chic! (read here)

3. Samantha with The Ledford Life
Sam and I are co-workers, and we recently found each other through the 5 on Friday link-ups. We had NO idea each other blogged! She called me up one day when she "found me out" and we both had a big laugh about how we kind of keep it a secret at work. She has an adorable little family (seriously, her son is too cute!) and she posts amazing recipes & DIY projects. She made the cutest costumes for Halloween this year: Toy Story for the 3 of them!

4. Khala with The Birdie Bowl
Khala is another co-worker, and she just started blogging just a couple of months ago. She sure has it all together already, I'm so impressed! She shares fabulous recipes (my favorite so far? Her homemade Pumpkin Butter) and great finds from around the interwebs.

There you have it, folks. My new favorite reads! Do you have any to share?

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My Life as A Plate said...

Thanks for sharing! I always love finding new fun blogs to read.

Khala Johnson said...

Thank you so much, dear! So happy you have you along on my little blogging journey xo

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

So many favorites these ladies! You included!! :)

Samantha said...

You're the bomb! That was the best phone conversation ever... "uh so do you do the 5 on Friday thing?!" <3

Taylor Rae said...

Too sweet! Thanks so much! Love reading about your post college/sorority life!!

Kristen Brown said...

Aw, Mariel that was sweet! I had fun last night! Hope to see you around this weekend!