Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Busy weekend

We had a pretty solid weekend. We definitely know how to stay busy!

On Friday, I met Meredith at Southpark for a little shopping. I made her try on two ridiculous things from the Topshop x Nordstrom collection:

The romper she tried on was hot pink and looked AWESOME on her. The silly pink dress had an incredible shape, but apparently was very itchy. I think it's because it's made of wet suit material (or something along those lines).

We also browsed for wedding shoes for her wedding (EEE!!), and she tried on some Jimmy Choo's. It was a perfectly girly shopping trip!

We went to Wolfgang Puck's Pizza Bar for dinner, and sat at the bar. We each had awesome cocktails (I had the El Diablo: Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Lime Juice, Black Currant Liquor, Ginger Beer), and we split an order of the Calimari (meh).

She had the beet salad with a side of brussels for dinner. Look at all of those beets!
I had the duck sausage pizza, which was incredible. It came with pickled onions, goat cheese, & red peppers. The crust was perfection!

I had been busy all week preparing our costumes for a really fun murder mystery party we went to on Saturday. I went to a few craft stores, but still did not have everything so Connor came with me on Saturday morning to get the rest of it.

We stopped at Owen's Bagels to give it one more try since we're bagel snobs, and it definitely disappointed us, yet again. The bagels are steamed with the egg/cheese/meat inside, I guess to melt the cheese, but the whole breakfast sandwich is just soggy and unappetizing. Luckily Connor ordered a toasted bagel with cream cheese, so that was decent. We will not be returning.
We ended up checking out Party City and then Hancock Fabrics (which was having an awesome sale!) for the rest of the stuff we needed. We lucked out at Hancock! They had the lace, trim, and fabric I was looking for. (Side note: do NOT go to Walmart for craft supplies, I think I was spoiled with the one in Charleston from college, and the one off E Independence is piss poor).

I was assigned Mary, Queen of Scots. She was dethroned and held captive under Elizabeth I's reign until her beheading. She was a perfect character for me, being that she was sassy and up to no good.
I scoured through a bunch of Tudor-era costumes, and came up with a few ideas. First, I ordered a Renaissance dress off Amazon. It was a perfect start! I then knew I wanted to make a headpiece inspired by the Other Boleyn Girl:
I took poster board, cut it into the shape I wanted, and used spray adhesive to attach the gold satin fabric onto it. Here is stage 1:
I then trimmed lined the upper part with pearl trim & gold rope to make it more decorative. I hot-glued it onto an old headband to make it easy to put on.

My second project was making the Elizabethan Collar. My inspiration:
I looked around and around the internet for DIY, but came up empty. I noticed that the collar looked just like a taken-apart lampshade, so that's where I started. I took the fabric off the outside of an old shade and cut it down the middle.
 I then took that same fabric from the shade(since it happened to be off-white and have great texture) and glued it back on the inside. I lined the edges with the gorgeous lace I bought, and it was looking perfect!
I attached gorgeous organza onto the back of if to make it like a train, and I think it turned out perfectly. What do y'all think?

Connor was the Earl of Essex, and I guess he read on Wiki that he was the "Master of the Horse", so he wanted to go with that.


I found the red blazer at the Salvation Army in the women's section, and it almost fit him. It was a tad small in the arms.

I added black felt to the shoulders and sleeves, and the gold trim + buttons by hot glue, while he spray painted rope gold and attached it. I also made his Elizabethan Ruffs for his wrists to try to bring the costume back into the correct time period. He borrowed a scarf from me and made it look perfectly ruffled. Seriously, he tied it himself!
Aren't we a sight? I added on every pearl necklace I owned as well as a rosary I've had forever. I tied a gold chain necklace around my waist and added a few cocktail rings to my hands. I felt like a {dethroned} queen!
We had the best time! You can see in the left there was a girl dressed as William Shakespeare, and the host just to the right with the white hose. About half of the guests dressed up. we had a great time!
The party was in honor of the Queen herself, so her husband got her a cake. It was too cute!

On Sunday, we woke up late and rolled out of bed just in time to meet our friends at a Dim Sum restaurant, Dragon Court. It is in the Asian Corners shopping area, and was quite an experience. Seriously, there were empty fountains in the middle of the shopping area, abandoned shopping carts, plywood over windows...it's a sad shopping strip but there are two awesome places to eat there!
They bring food to you on little carts, and you just tell them yes or no to everything. We sampled what seemed like one of everything! Many types of dumplings, steamed buns, veggies, and chicken feet (I ordered that one). I have always wanted to try chicken feet after watching Andrew Zimmern rave about them, but I did not really enjoy the texture. I'll try anything once!
We had a great time sharing bites of this and that. We will definitely be returning!

We stopped at Le's sandwich shop, which is a tiny Banh Mi shop right by Dragon Court, after lunch to get sandwiches to go for the week. I got a #6 (grilled pork) and it was less than $4 for a foot-long baguette with fresh pork inside, with a separate baggy of lightly pickled veggies, cilantro & jalapeno. I ate it for lunch yesterday and it was incredible!

Connor and I left Asian Corners to go to Southpark to make some returns and to get wine for his firm. He is the one who gets the wine for his clients from his work, so we always go to Arthur's in Belk, since we know some of the guys we get wine for go there a lot. They are always helpful, especially when we come in with three very different price ranges!
My favorite part is going into the cellar for the special clients. I could just stand in there all day! They have an incredible selection of $$$ wine.
We were still in a food coma from all of that dim sum, so we just stopped at Pasta & Provisions on our way home that afternoon to pick up something easy for dinner.

That night we relaxed. I watched the last few episodes of The Killing while Connor watched the Panthers lose.

Hope you enjoy your week!

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Taylor Rae said...

True story: Charleston Wal-Mart was the best! Especially the craft section! Holy yum! Everything looks and sounds so good! I'm full just reading it all!!

Dee Stephens said...

What a fun party idea!! I'm soooo impressed with your costumes!! I always find it a bummer when people don't dress up for parties like that.
I'm not huge into costume parties, but still, it's what the host wants and I think it's respectful to try and pull something off.
I would have went to Morris Costumes and rented something! See you tonight!

Kristen said...

New follower, here! I love your costumes. I have a Degree in History, and I ma a big Tudor fan. I wish I had your creativity and skills to make one of those for Halloween next year!