Thursday, December 12, 2013

Charlotte Blogger Ornament Exchange 2013

My good friend Beth was so kind to host 30 of us at her house last night for the annual Charlotte Blogger Ornament Exchange. We had such a fun time! It was so great meeting new bloggers and seeing all the sweet girls who so kindly welcomed me into their circle last year.

And now for pictures!

I brought my {dangerous} spiked apple cider
 Beth had wine and booze-free/booze-filled punches
 Almost everyone brought desserts! She had everything decorated to the nines.
 She had her living room and porch set up for the swap. We divided up into two groups so as not to make it go on forever.
Ladies mingling!
 The start of the swap. We did a Yankee Swap like we did last year, which makes it really fun!
 Girls in my room
 Dee had number 1, and she ended up swapping with me at the very end, so I ended up with that darling Christopher Radko frog!

Living Room girls (l-r)
 Somehow I missed being in our group photo!
 All of the ladies!
After our group shot, we were able to mingle more. I love catching up with Lulu about our favorite activity: world travels!!
It was so nice having my new work bff's come. I love that we can all talk about blogging with each other. It's nice having a small support group :)
We had the best time, and I am totally wiped today...the sign of a great party! Until next year!
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Samantha said...

AH these photos are awesome Mariel! I had so much fun last night and yes, your spiked cider is totally dangerous! xo

megan said...

So fun! I wish we had something like that for the Charleston girls!

Sarah said...

Such a fun party idea!!

Whitney said...

So nice meeting you last night!!

Mindy said...

I'm still so sad I couldn't try your spiked year!

Dee Stephens said...

great post! i'm about to do mine now!!

Alexa said...

Your pictures are all awesome!! You were a fab hostess assistant and I know Beth was grateful for your help! :) It was great to see you and hope to again soon!

Anonymous said...

This looks like SO much fun, hope you ladies had a great time! :)

Rachel said...

Great seeing you last week!! Needs to happen more often :)

Stephanie said...

So cute! I am really not as grouchy as I look in these pictures :)