Thursday, December 19, 2013

Decked out

Welcome to our decked out house! I don't have many decorations yet, but it has been fun using what we have on hand and adding something new each year.
I wanted to hang lights this year, and when I was in the dollar store after work one day, I saw they had a great price on lights. It took me about 2 hours to figure out how to string them and make sure they could be plugged in!

I found the red & gold pillows at the Habitat Restore for $4 each. They're even Sunbrella fabric. Score!
I picked up a boxwood wreath at Trader Joe's as soon as I saw that they had them out. It was only $10 and it's so pretty!
Our parlor is my favorite part of our decorations. The ornaments are my Granny's old glass Shiny Brites, and I obviously love that most of them are pink & green. My friend got me the striped glass trees last year (and they match PERFECTLY!), and the other striped cone tree incorporated fabric I picked up in India for our wedding. My stocking is on the left and Connor's is in the middle. His grandmother made both. She's so talented!
Also in our parlor. Just some red ornaments in a vase, our "family photo" from Thanksgiving last year (Bowser's rocking his red sweater), a gorgeous poinsettia in an old copper pot, and 1 of 2 gold trees I picked up at the Restore.
 And now for the newest addition to our decor: the (frustrating to DIY) clothespin wreath. I just sprayed them gold, and put a red pony bead in between each one. It's not round and bothers me but oh well. I love getting cards!
 Our bar cart even got the holiday treatment!
 And right by the tree in our living room are the cone trees I DIYed
 And now for our tree! I played around with my camera settings to see how much bokeh I could's a little aggressive

Yay wonkus tree! The top isn't centered, making the tree look totally like it's about to fall but I promise it's up straight!

And now for some of my favorite ornaments!

This year's & last year's ornaments from the Blogger Ornament Swap
My wonderful friend, VA Belle, gifted this ornament when we told them we got engaged. Isn't it too cute?
 I painted this one of Bowser. I have horrible art skillz, and I totally laugh every time I look at it, but it was such a fun night painting with our neighbors that even though it looks like crap, who cares??!

I even decorated at the office! 

I got this tree at the dollar spot at Target before Thanksgiving (guilty)
And I had my students create a fireplace so we could all hang our stockings! I love how it turned out.
  Even our bulletin board is festive!

I love seeing how everyone decorates for the holidays. Whether you have passed-down decor or some that you've made or purchased, it's always fun to decorate!

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Kristen Brown said...

I love all of your decorations! Especially your clothespin wreath!

megan said...

Beautiful! My goal for next year is to have some lights on the outside of the house.

Dee Stephens said...

Everything looks fabulous! I generally hit the after Christmas sales on decor every year and have accumulated quite a bit over the years. That's the way to do it even if you're over christmas at that point.
The fireplace in your classroom is my favorite!

Taylor Rae said...

Love all your decorations!! Especially love you mantel and the ornament decorations. I stared at the picture/video? of your blogger ornament for about 10 minutes trying to figure out if I was going crazy. Love how is shimmers!!

Catherine said...

So cute! I love your taste.
- Catherine