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Thanksgiving 2013

Well the Thanksgiving post is here and it is not going to be very exciting. I didn't get behind the camera much, as I try to be as unplugged as I can when we're with family. Here are a few photos of our weekend celebrating with our families!

We drove to Charlottesville after work (in the miserable pouring rain) on Tuesday night since we were planning on visiting C's grandmother in Richmond. We ended up just driving straight to Fredericksburg on Wednesday morning and pushed our Richmond visit back to the weekend. I was glad to get settled, and jumped into food prep right away! We got everything done that afternoon: sausage & apricot stuffing, sauerkraut & apple stuffing, celery root puree, pumpkin cheesecake, & sweet potato pie. The night before Thanksgiving, we have Borscht (similar recipe here) with dill bread and try to go to bed early. We slept like rocks, and were up early (as usual) the next morning.

I got some good snuggle time with our nephew and Bowser (his best friend). He loved my PJ's!
Most of the family went out that morning to watch C's dad run the Turkey Trot, so we put together a special breakfast for everyone. Here he is after an entire box of cranberries exploded in his hand. Whoops!
 Connor made smitten kitchen's pumpkin muffins while I threw together Mark Bittman's french toast (my favorite recipe).
 Bowser watched from the corner. He loves his sun spots.
After we cleaned up from brunch, we all relaxed (I actually had to take a nap!) and got prepped for the big meal.  

We set up the champagne tasting area in the living room and got everyone downstairs to start toasting. This is my favorite tradition with his family! I bet you can guess why...
 Little nephew looks like such a big boy with his mug of milk!
We handed out presents (we got each couple an iPad Mini so we can Facetime) and cheers-ed to the past and the future. It was a perfect afternoon.

Somehow we got the food on the table in time to eat. I love her linens! Very traditional.
The turkey was perfect and delicious. She got it from the local butcher in town.
The next morning was quiet (the kids went to Richmond to visit Grandmommy), so Connor, his parents, and I got their downstairs all cleaned up for their annual Leftover Dinner. We worked hard, so Connor and I were able to sneak away downtown for a few hours. Here's where I remembered to snap pictures!

We stopped at the new burger place in town, Vivify. It was a really funky place! You order at the window and grab a seat. We always like to sit at the bar and chat with the bartender. We got the scoop about the place: opened by the guy who runs Bistro Bethem, locally sourced everything (ground in-house beef for burgers & hot dogs come from a farm in Fauquier County, 50 miles away, all sauces made in-house) except the Martin's potato rolls & Nueske's bacon. 
We shared a single-patty burger with short rib on it & a grilled hot dog with sauerkraut, and a side of their delicious fries. We loved it all! It was pretty busy, and we enjoyed relaxing with a beer after all of the craziness.
We wandered around downtown for a bit, and stopped in some of our favorite stores. There's a great pet store with lots of ridiculous outfits, toys, & treats, so we obviously got Bowser cute stuff. I hope to show y'all the fleece-lined dog booties (similar here) we got him. He wasn't amused but I think they'll be perfect for those chilly, snowy mornings we're going to have!

Connor wanted to try the Blue & Gray Brewery, so we stopped in for a tasting. I have never tried their beer, and it was just OK. I liked the Red and the Porter the best.
We made it home in time to help get the food heated up and then the first guest arrived! They had about 25 people over, including some of our close friends who just had a baby in October, and we had a great time catching up with everyone.

We were sad to leave on Saturday, especially because we won't see these little butterballs until at least the Spring. Isn't Miss M so darling in her new sweater from Aunty Mariel? She looked like such a doll in everything we gave her.
Saturday we drove to Richmond to visit Grandmommy, and then headed to Charlottesville to meet my bff's at Citizen Burger Bar to watch UVA lose to VA Tech. Citizen is my new favorite place! We shared a plate of cheese fries, because duh.

Karah and I wandered down to our favorite bar (Livery Stable) during halftime to get a Moscow Mule. We had the best time catching up (and playing Tinder, duh)

I grabbed some pizzas from Christian's for my family, and we had dinner & attempted to play games, but ended up watching the UVA basketball game.

Connor and I got up fairly early on Sunday to avoid the Thanksgiving traffic. We got home at a reasonable time, and relaxed the rest of the cooking or driving for us anymore!

We had a great weekend with our families, and I hope y'all did, too!

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