Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter break pt. 1

Good morning from chilly Charlotte! I am slowly trying to get used to alarm clocks, working all day, and going to bed early. It is proving a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. 16 days off work totally spoiled me!
Connor and I had a relaxing weekend before we headed to Virginia for Christmas with my family. We spent a nice, relaxing weekend getting things together, but it was all pretty stress-free (maybe because I was just in vacation mode!)
We stopped by Fourth Ward Bread Co, his first time trying it out. We split their insane bread pudding and a bagel. I love their bagels, but the egg and sausage were just OK. The bread pudding was obviosuly delicious! We should have just split that.
I love the decor of the place. They have a really cool weather forecast on one wall. Such a cool idea!

I spent the afternoon with Meredith, her mom, and Mary at Nitsa's. Meredith is getting married in September and this was the first time she tried on dresses. Amsale was having a trunk show, so it was so much fun seeing her in all of those gorgeous dresses!

That night, Mary, Ryan, Connor, and I had dinner at Dish then went to Thomas Street Tavern. We were planning on doing a tacky sweater bar crawl, but a lot of people were already out of town so we didn't look ridiculous. Ryan missed the memo :)
(yes, he hot-glued dollar-store stuffed santas and snowmen to a sweatshirt. It was awesome)
I loved Thomas St's decor. So pretty!

Sunday morning, Connor and I swapped presents. I got him a miter saw, a circular saw, copper mugs for Moscow Mules from Paper Skyscraper, and a DIY cheese kit from Urban Cheesecraft (I got the kit at Orrman's Cheese Shop).

He got me my knives from Messermeister! I've been waiting for a while to up the knife game, while using only a good paring knife & chef's knife. Now I have a 9-piece set, and have already sliced my fingers twice. They are SO sharp! I keep forgetting.
He also got me a funny Boston Terrier statue that is so horrible tacky that it was a perfect gag gift. What do you think?
I made the 4 hour drive to my parent's house on Sunday afternoon, and got there in time to go to a screening of Love Actually at the gorgeous Paramount Theater. It was fun going on a date with my parents. They both really enjoyed the movie!
The next day, I took my dad to Trader Joe's for his first visit, and spent the afternoon with my aunt and bff at my aunt's new house. She just moved from Richmond, and is finally all moved in!

That evening, my dad took my sister, her hubby, and I to the UVA basketball game. We had dinner at Farmington before, and there was an incredible sunset that night.
I hadn't been to a game in probably 2 years, so it was really nice being able to go! We won, so that obviously helped with the experience :)

The next morning, my family headed to the Homestead for the rest of the week...more to come!

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Classic Annie said...

I had no idea Meredith had gotten engaged! Congratulations to her!

megan said...

Sounds like the beginning of a pretty awesome break! Bread pudding is my faaaaaave and that theater where you watched Love Actually is beautiful!

Catherine said...

My sister and I always loved going to UVA basketball games - hope you had fun!

Lindy Maddox said...

UGH Fourth Ward Bakery looks so, so good. I wish they made gluten free products!! I can't seem to find a gluten free bakery here in Charlotte and it is driving me crazy!

Looks like you had a fun time! :)