Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sin City Day 3

Of course the morning of the Britney concert, we all wake up at sunrise. It was hard staying in bed with a view like that, so we got up and sat in front of the windows watching

We decided to walk around a little bit, admiring our hotel, before heading to breakfast. This was the spa area. Isn't it to die for?
No detail was left behind. Gorgeous Murano-style chandeliers were everywhere
Just a mirrored mosaic by the elevators
The elevators on each floor had gorgeous black shiny wallpaper
Guarding our hotel
Waiting on the valet
One of Lara's friends told us we HAD to check out the Peppermill for breakfast. We were glad we did!
They are open 24/7, and have this fabulous lounge area. People were definitely still up from the night before still partying. We waited for our table with a big mimosa
Once we got our table, someone came around to take our picture to try to sell us some postcards (besides the free one). No thanks!
 The decor was so tacky, I loved it. The tropical napkins, the fake trees, the neon was all so Vegas!
I ordered some sort of potato & sausage hash with eggs. It was really good
Everyone was happy with their meal!
Karah got the strawberry shortcake. Isn't it awesomely ridiculous?
After breakfast, we decided to check out the Welcome to Vegas sign. It is close to the airport in the south side of the strip
Karah and Elvis fell madly in love
There was a girl taking pictures of everyone (for tips, of course). I absolutely LOVE how it came out!
And Karah's photoshoot with her hubs
We parked at Aria and decided to walk around, do a little window shopping, gamble, and just ogle at all of the different casinos.
I loved how everything was decorated for the Chinese New Year

One of the chefs I work with told me we HAD to stop at Jean Phillipe while we were there, and we were able to see both locations at Aria & Bellagio.
They created a chocolate & sugar sculpture to represent the Cirque du Soleil show at Aria.
The chocolate discs were incredible. Loved all of the detail!
We walked around the Shops at Crystals for a little designer window-shopping. These bags were on a life-size chess display. Wouldn't it be fun to play with these?
The inside of the mall was gorgeous. We stopped in Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, and ogled over all of the luxury
We took the tram to the Bellagio and a selfie was necessary
We happened to walk by the other Jean Phillipe in the Bellagio almost right away. They had the most incredible chocolate fountain
It was 9 feet tall at least! They had 3 different chocolates pouring down. I wanted to go swimming in the dark chocolate bowl
And of course the Bellagio had a horse theme going on. The casinos really must try to outdo each other!

And of course the gorgeous Chihuly ceiling. I was so excited to see it! My mom raved about it when she went with her sisters
This piece was in the casino bar, where we stopped for a much-needed cocktail
 After our drink, we decided to hit the tables. Well, we all watched Mary play Craps and made friends with the other people on the table (not). People take gambling veryyyy seriously.

My sister wandered off to play the slots, and within 3 minutes she won $500! It was insane. This little woman ran over and told her about it while we were in shock. I was so glad I got a picture of it! The woman wanted Doran to keep playing, because "you don't come to Vegas to win, you come to play" (her words). Doran cashed out immediately, needless to say. What a success!
We wandered back to the car and had a random guy take a picture in front of Aria's waterfall
 We headed back to our hotel to meet Era and then got some much-needed food. Of course silly pictures were part of the day
We had horrible traffic getting back the 5 blocks, but at least we were going slow enough for us to see the whole strip! Here's Paris
And the Flamingo, where Connor stayed a few years ago
And a guy dressed up as a Transformer with a woman lunging in her Shape Ups. Vegas is so Vegas.
We got gussied up and headed to the Britney show. Sparkles and animal print!

2 good group shots!
One awesome feature of the show was a display of her most iconic costumes


 This was right after the girls spotted Maria Shriver!
We took our seats and waited for the show to start. Everyone was SO excited! So many girls were dressed up as all different Britneys: Schoolgirl, Flight attendant, Bald, Pink was fun to see all the fabulous costumes!
A failed panorama shot when my sister decided to wave
We took a selfie to send to mom!
It was a beautiful venue! This was right when Gaga walked in. That's right. GAGA! She sat in the VIP section right behind the people standing and came in right before Britney started. It was insane.
After the FABULOUS show, we walked outside to see the Bellagio's water show and then headed to get dinner
I was so hangry (angry + hungry) that I didn't care about showing you my fabulous meal. We ate at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris. It was really good!

After dinner, we took a cab back to the Wynn and headed to the Skrillex show at XS. It was a gorgeous club with people packed in everywhere
We somehow managed to make our way through someone's table area and stood on tables to watch the show. They rigged up balloons, confetti, etc to drop on the crowd through the whole show. The lasers were also really insae. I had never been to a show like that before and it was SO much fun!

After staying up way too late again, we headed upstairs and passed out. I had to get a shuttle at 8:30 the next day! What was I thinking...

Vegas was such an incredible trip. I hope you get to go at some point if you haven't yet! I would definitely go back!!
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