Monday, February 10, 2014

Sin City Day 2

Resuming my recap of Las Vegas with my girls!!

On Friday, the 3 of us woke up pretty early and decided to head to the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead for the day. I'm so glad we rented a car for the weekend, as I definitely wanted to see the desert around Vegas.

I did a little research for breakfast spots on the way to the Dam, and found a quaint diner called the Omelet House in Henderson, NV. They have a huge menu with anything you could possibly want for breakfast. They also have 2 food challenges: a 12-egg omelet and some enormous burger with fries. We did not have the guts to try either.

We did, however, thoroughly enjoy our meals! I loved that almost everything was made in-house, like the hunk of banana nut bread that came with my sister's meal. It was huge!
My sister had an omelet with chorizo in it, and it was incredible. You don't find too much chorizo down here! The fried potatoes were like thick chips and hit the spot.
I ordered huevos rancheros, which were to die for. I was really loving all of this southwestern food! Any hint of a hangover disappeared after this awesome greasy spoon.
We continued our drive to the Dam. I was just in awe of the beauty surrounding us.
We got to the Dam's visitor center and took a 30-minute tour of inside the power plant (many floors below ground). We had the world's WORST tour guide (starting to answer questions then would trail off randomly and talk about something else, was very unsure about most things...etc), but managed to have fun anyway.

Whee! Underground selfie!

We were glad to get outside after the tour, and walked around taking pictures and hoping our phones didn't drop off into the water below
These power lines were at an angle on the side of the mountain. It was intense.
Lots of power gets generated from the water
It was a gorgeous day!
This bridge had incredible views over the Dam
Looking down. It was definitely a little daunting!
Some nice girls offered to take our picture
And we took some of just Karah to send to her parents
Lots of selfies!
This is the Colorado River, which divides Nevada and Arizona. Now I can say I've been to Arizona, too!
The right was the AZ side
On our drive back to Vegas, I had to jump out and get some more pictures of Lake Mead (the largest man-made lake)
The view was breathtaking. I fell deeply in love with this landscape
We stopped at In N Out (again) for Doran's first time. It was all delicious!
We then checked into our new digs for the weekend: The Encore at the Wynn. Mary got us hooked up with free rooms because her friend works with Skrillex, who happened to be playing at the Encore's club XS on Saturday. The rooms were ridiculous!
 We had an AWESOME view of the strip

And the bathrooms were to DIE for! Huge vanity for 3 girls to share, TV in the wall, and a super luxe shower
The lobby at the Encore was so gorgeous. All of the ones we visited had a Chinese New Year theme, as it happened on Friday the 31st. This year is the year of the horse, so there were lots of horses around. Our lobby featured everything made out of flowers! It was amazing. 
I LOVED the carousel
We met Mary & Lara (who had just gotten in that afternoon) across the street from our hotel at the mall, and shopped around a bit (TopShop, Forever 21, Zara...every girl's dream!) before heading back to our room to get ready for dinner. The sunset was awesome to watch from our fabulous suite!
And then it was sparkly. I think we all literally stopped and stared for 5 whole minutes when we were done getting ready
We snapped out of it and headed to dinner at the Venetian
I got us a reservation at Bouchon, and we were all really excited to try it!
The menus were printed on thin kraft paper and wrapped around the napkins. How darling! I obviously kept mine.
They brought out hot bread for the table with delicious butter and some pistachios to snack on. The tables were covered with paper so you just throw the shells on the top and get crumbs everywhere.
For my appetizer, I split the escargots with Karah. They used a really cute Staub escargot pan (found one!), and topped each one with tiny puff pastry rounds. You slide the pastry to the side, eat the escargot, and dunk the pastry into the hot garlicy butter. It was delicious!!
For my entree, I got the moules frites. It's pretty much my go-to order at any bistro, but I can't help it. I always want to have a taste of fries, and mussels help keep it light enough. Lara ordered us a FABULOUS red wine (of course, I can't remember!) to go along with our meal.
For dessert, we ordered the Bouchon special (little brownies topped with a vanilla meringue, banana ice cream, and a raspberry swirl)
And classic creme brulee. Both were perfectly delicious!
We rolled home, walking through the Venetian to ogle at all of the gorgeous decor, and then through the Wynn to the Encore. We collapsed in bed after a long day to get ready for our next day: BRITNEY & SKRILLEX!

More to come later this week!

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Dee Stephens said...

Killer room and for free?!!! What the what??Lucky!

Libby Boyes said...

Wow reading your recaps make me want to book my ticket to Vegas right now! I've been there three times but the views and the food never get old!!

Jenna Griffin said...

Wow, this looks like an amazing trip! I hope to visit Vegas one day in the near future. All of that food looks delishhhh!